What Makes A Good Event Manager? Choosing the Best Event Management Training

Event management can be an exciting, challenging and rewarding career in its own right. Event management skills are also becoming increasingly in demand in a wide range of other professional roles like for personal assistants, marketing managers or in admin roles.

When analysing your event management training options, it makes sense to start with a simple question – what makes a good event manager? Once we’ve nailed down the skills, qualities and experiences needed to excel in your new career, it becomes easy to evaluate whether a particular training course develops those key ingredients for success in event management.

Event Management Skills

One of the primary reasons that event management is an exciting and dynamic career choice for some, is the diverse range of skills and qualities that are called on to deliver a successful event. Core skills that you will find most successful event managers excel in are:Image result for What Makes A Good Event Manager? Choosing the Best Event Management Training

Organisational Skills

From event planning to budgeting and negotiating to coordinating the event team, organisational skills are fundamental to event management. Your event management training course should have organisational skills development at the heart of all of the skills training provided.

Communication Skills

From working with the event team to promoting the event to client care on the day, communication skills are core skills in the event managers soft skills toolbox. A good event management training course will prioritise the development of key soft skills, like communication, that you will need in your new career to successfully deliver an event.

Event Marketing and PR

You can plan the perfect schedule, book the perfect venue, enlist the ideal entertainment and create an appropriate atmosphere on the day, if no one has heard about your event you’re going to flop. A good event management course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to publicise and promote your event, including with online marketing, PR, social media and other key channels.

Problem Solving and Diplomacy

From initial conception to the day of the event itself, you will be dealing with a diverse range of event stakeholders from the venue to the serving staff to the client whose event you’re managing. Problem solving and diplomacy skills can literally make or break each and any stage of the event management process. Strong communication skills, teamwork, networking, negotiation skills to leasing with your clients and your event team, are core skills that need to be developed during your event management training course.

Ability to Work under Pressure

With so many stakeholders to keep on board and so many details to plan and organise, the ability to work under pressure is often the key difference in becoming a successful event manager that loves their job. You need a training course that provides practically based learning in work environment conditions, to ensure you can keep your cool when others on the event team are losing theirs.


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