Tips for Promoting Bottle Service

If you own a bar or nightclub, then there’s a good chance that you already have a bottle service program in place. If you don’t, then you really need to get one setup to capture as much revenue as possible. However, just having bottle service packages on your menu won’t make it a profitable endeavor; you need to actively promote it to your customers. Here are a few tips to help you sell more bottle service packages to generate more profits.

Verbally Promote It

The easiest way to make your patrons aware of your bottle service packages is to literally have your servers tell them about it. The very first thing your servers should ask is “can I interest you in bottle service this evening?” If your customer doesn’t know what bottle service is, you can take this opportunity to educate them. If they do know, then this informs them that bottle service is an option and you’ll quickly see more people buying a package.

Create Table Tents

Many people look at your marketing materials before they are greeted by a server, and the most obvious place to advertise is on a table tent. By putting a big picture of what is included with your bottle service packages and information about what’s included and the pricing, more people will order it without needing to be convinced by your staff.

No Cover Charge

If you charge a cover at the door on weekends or when large acts come through your bar or nightclub, offering free admission with the purchase of a bottle service package can be a great way to promote it. Instead of paying $40 for a group to get in, they could just pay $200 to have “free” drinks the entire night. By creating an incentive right at the door to buy bottle service, more customers will fork over their cash.

Create an Experience

Bottle service is about more than just getting cheaper drinks; it’s about getting a complete VIP experience. It all starts with the way it’s delivered to the table. If you just bring out a bottle and mixers to put on the table, it won’t feel luxurious to your customers. Instead, consider lighting a few bottle sparklers to go along with the package to make it more noticeable to onlookers and make the customer feel special. If you can’t use bottle sparklers in your city, you can always use an alternative like LED bottle sparklers or even neon glow sticks to create a similar effect.

Also, you should offer special seating for people who buy bottle service. Having a special section that is only for VIP customers that buy bottle service creates the concept of exclusivity, and that will lead to more package sales.

Though bottle service is a popular choice for customers at most bars and nightclubs, nobody is going to order it if they don’t know it exists. By actively encouraging your staff to promote it verbally, placing it on all your printed marketing materials, and creating incentives for customers who buy a package, you can easily see a massive increase in the number of people who order bottle service at your bar or nightclub.

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