Finding The Perfect Soundtrack

The soundtrack to a film, commercial, or television show sometimes goes underappreciated. In many ways, it’s like the editing of a film. If you don’t notice it, that means it’s probably pretty good. The soundtrack is supposed to help build the atmosphere, further the plot, and advance the mood. In a scary movie, the soundtrack often serves to raise the tension. When things start to get scary, the music might turn darker and more somber. In an action movie, the music might be fast-paced to reflect the action on screen. There are many ways that a soundtrack serves a film or television show, but many people don’t even notice them.

In other films, the soundtrack itself is thought of as a character. The creators of the film There Will Be Blood often talked of the soundtrack to the movie as a character of its own. It has its own moods, changes, and agendas. The right music can truly make the difference between a good or bad movie or television show. That’s why you should be very careful about where you get your music.

Finding a Good Source

Many people who create films and television shows will search for music online. Finding music online is a great way to find instantly accessible songs for your movie. You should choose a great supplier of backing tracks to help make your film a success. Many suppliers of tracks aren’t very trustworthy. Often, they will sell access to tracks that they don’t actually have the right to sell. These tracks will either be public domain tracks or they will be owned by someone else.


Public domain tracks are those that exist outside of copyright. They were either never copyrighted or they are old enough that the copyright no longer applies. These tracks are free for anyone to use. However, because they are free to use, most of the quality public domain tracks are grossly overused in student films and independent films. Buying custom tracks is still your best option. You should just ensure that the source has the right to sell the tracks and that the tracks aren’t actually just free.

Your Rights

You should not rent your backing tracks. Some services will attempt to sell you tracks for a limited amount of time or a limited use. You should buy the rights to the tracks so that you can use them how you want. When you buy something, it should be yours, and the same is true of musical tracks. Some sources will want attribution for the creator of the tracks and others won’t. That just depends on the source.

When you are trying to soundtrack your commercial or movie, you should look for a quality source of good music. Far too many people wait until the last minute to search for music to soundtrack their films.

You should treat the music like a character in your show. You should cast it along with the actors and the crew. You should always keep in mind what will be happening with the music so that you can pace your film accordingly.

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