How to Hold an Effective Corporate Board Meeting in SLC


Board meetings are a part of corporate life. Every corporation holds at least one annual board meeting to take care of the election of officers. Most also hold three or four additional meetings for the purposes of steering the company in the short-term future. Here in Salt Lake City, corporate board meetings are a growing part of the business culture.

With technology companies and the financial services sector finding the greater Salt Lake City area more attractive, we are seeing an influx of both new businesses and residents. The greater SLC area makes an excellent destination for corporate board meetings for companies already located in the region as well as those thinking of moving in.3

Here’s how to hold an effective meeting in Salt Lake City:

  • Step #1: Choose Your Venue

You can hold a corporate board meeting in the company office, or you can choose an off-site venue that’s more conducive to conducting business in a relaxed environment. Just remember that choosing your venue will set the tone for your meeting. One place to consider is the historic McCune Mansion on Capitol Hill. As one of the most desirable wedding and banquet halls in Utah, the mansion offers every amenity you need for an effective and comfortable meeting.

  • Step #2: Arrange for Accommodations

It’s not unusual for corporations to have multiple board members scattered across the country. They all travel in for the meeting, often requiring at least overnight accommodations. That means the second step to holding a board meeting in SLC is to arrange for proper accommodations. If you were to choose McCune Mansion as your meeting venue, you would have access to multiple hotels within just a few blocks from the property.

  • Step #3: Inform the Board Members

Corporate law requires board members to receive proper notification of pending meetings. Notifications must include the date, location and time of the proposed meeting unless board members have consented in writing to waive the requirements of notice. As you can see, the need to inform board members within a particular time frame requires venue and accommodations be chosen first.

  • Step #4: Coordinate with the Venue

As the date of the meeting gets closer, organizers should be regularly coordinating with the venue. Final plans should be established so as to facilitate a smooth gathering that goes off without a hitch. Board member should be able to come in, conduct their business, and go on their way without having to worry about the details of how the meeting was run.

  • Step #5: Follow-Up with Board Members

There is one final step after the board meeting has concluded: following up to get board member feedback. Organizers want to know perceptions of the meeting venue, the accommodations, the amenities, and so on. When a venue like McCune Mansion is involved, organizers also want to know if the environment of the mansion was appropriate for the kind of meeting that was held.

Salt Lake City may not be the first city corporate board members think of when they’re considering a destination for the next board meeting. But city leaders and business executives are working to change that. Salt Lake City has a lot to offer businesses looking to expand or start from scratch. That makes it a great destination city for corporate board meetings.

To conduct a successful board meeting in Salt Lake City, start with selecting a great meeting venue. Then arrange accommodations, inform board members, and coordinate with the venue on all the details. Make sure board members leave SLC with a positive impression.

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