Make Your Next Catering Event Something to Remember

When you created your catering business or added catering to the services offered by your restaurant, you promised yourself and your clients nothing but the best. The only way to ensure that you provide this every single time is to have the very best equipment, utensils, and plating. Although the quality and flavour of your food should be a high priority, proper hygiene and functioning equipment should be your highest. After all, the most delicious piece of cake on the planet will not be eaten if served on an unappetising plate or made with under-performing equipment.

The Right Utensils

Your food should speak for itself, but it is an unfortunate fact that many base their opinions of a restaurant or catering service off of their utensils. The right plates, plating designs, and cutlery will ensure that your clients feel contented with your services from the first course to dessert. First impressions are important, and you need to do everything you can to make sure the impressions your clients have of your business are positive.

For example, catering cutlery by Pattersons is always of the highest quality and the most cost-effective. These great options allow you to give your clients what they need to dine in style and with open minds. Several studies taken in the last decade found that clean and presentable cutlery, linens, and the elegance of plating make a real difference in the way clients view a catering service.

“Free” Advertising

Clients who see you put in a larger investment and greater effort feel safer in your care and are more willing to hire your services a second time. You need to consider every job an important advertising opportunity. When you cater a wedding, corporate event, or another form of party, every guest there is a potential client. Therefore, you need to impress them with your food, plating, and professionalism. This form of advertising costs you nothing but a bit of time and effort, making it ideal for catering companies just starting out.

Capture Regulars

If you own a restaurant in addition to your catering service, you have the opportunity to gain more foot traffic inside your building with each catering event. Once you impress the guests at the event, you increase your chances of them seeking out your establishment and sitting down to a meal. The more people you draw into your doors, the more likely you are to gain regulars and increase your revenue over time. It is for this reason that more and more restaurants choose to add catering services to their menus.

Stand Out

There are thousands of companies across the country that want to cater the event in your place. The right utensils and equipment will help you stand out and receive more work than your competitors. This added work will also add to your bottom line, allowing you to expand your business, add a second location, or increase the size of your current establishment. The more successful your business, the easier it will be to retire early and spend the rest of your life drinking cocktails on the beach. You deserve the chance to make your mark on the catering industry.

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