Things to Consider When Purchasing Musical and Fountain Displays

There are few things more important as a store owner than getting your customers’ attention. No matter how you do it, the fact of the matter is that it simply has to be done in order for your business to survive. Of course, the manner in which you attempt to attract attention to yourself and your business does matter. Choosing a method which isn’t suitable or interesting or even tasteful can at best cause customers to simply yawn at your store and, at worst, put them off completely.

That’s why you need something spectacular, something everyone can enjoy, and few things fit that bill quite like a musical fountain. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to purchasing a great musically-equipped fountain.

Climate and Weather

First things first—you need to make sure that your musically-equipped fountain fits the climate in which it is placed. That doesn’t just mean the weather, though that is certainly a big part of it. Install a fountain outside in areas which are generally already cold, wet, and potentially even rainy or snowy and you’re not enticing customers to stand and watch in awe of your display—you’re inviting them to catch cold. On the other hand, having an outdoor fountain in an area with a warm environment makes a lot of sense, and can be quite refreshing. The name of the game in business is “give the people what they want,” and being successful is all about knowing how to do just that, so figure out the best place for you to put your water display—inside or inside your store—and watch it attract customers like nothing else.

Music and Theme

Next, you’ll want to choose the music and theme for the display. Think to yourself—what will work best to attract customers? Here, you want to select music which will catch their attention but won’t be repetitive or grating. On the one hand, trendy music might be hot and interesting, but if your clientele is bored with that particular singer, or finds them passé, you’ll have just inadvertently passed up on many customers. Finding something more enduring and which can appeal to a larger audience—such as old, time-tested hits or even classical music—can work wonders here.

You also want to select a theme for the lights element of your display. What colour do you want the lights to be? What type of arrangement would best attract customers?

Display Installation

Of course, all this and more is best answered with the help of a trained expert, which is why you’ll want to look to a trained water display and musically-themed fountain installation team to help you select the item which best suits your needs, get it installed, and ensure that it works properly. Should you need any further assistance, this team will be there to help you in the wink of an eye, repairing your unit and helping you to attract customers to your business once more.

Put on a real show with a fantastic water and lights display today!

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