Leave my pot alone, coppers

Marijuana saw a huge resurgence in use among the youth and counterculture in the 1960s, and this evolution in the common culture of the day led to a very important discovery. Patients that were suffering from the ravages of cancer and the corresponding treatments who utilized marijuana before they received their treatments reported to many of their doctors that less nausea and vomiting occurred after receiving these treatments, and sometimes they suffered no ill effects at all. 

Prior to this discovery, there were very few medications that treated cancer that could cause any of these severe side effects of chemotherapy to subside for any amount of time, and for many of these patients sometimes these severe negative side effects lasted for days after patients had endured the treatments. This extensive problem was compounded by the fact that many of the chemical therapies that were utilized at the time to treat cancer were in their infancy, and because of this, these newly invented and incorporated medications had very severe side effects. Often these side effects were worse than the symptoms of the patient’s cancer. 

Eventually, some well-known medical associations and medical journals agreed with the fact that the psychoactive component in marijuana known as THC also soothed nausea in cancer patients. By now, marijuana’s ability to thwart the nausea associated with chemotherapy was an incontrovertible fact. However, marijuana was illegal, and in the absence of really hardcore drug epidemics, marijuana was the center of attention for anti-drug forces like police and politicians seeking to destabilize minority communities and populations, but some very brave cancer patients and their supporters began to lobby government entities of certain states to make the use of medical marijuana at least legal on a state level basis. 

Still with the use of certain legal loopholes, marijuana was severely restricted in a medical and recreational capacity with even very advanced medical organizations denying any benefit to the use or application of marijuana in spite of a patient’s insistence. Because of their perseverance and tenacity, by the beginning of the 1980s many states permitted the use of marijuana for medical purposes. 

I simply wanted to smoke my pot and not explain why to anyone but especially nefarious government entities that are invading my personal space. I and everyone else with any sense understands that legal substances like prescription drugs, alcohol and tobacco are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths annually, but marijuana does not have any of these ill effects. 

It is a way to not only keep minorities down, but any social class that would obtain relevance and prosperity by making this drug a business would severely displace many millionaires, and make those rich that they may deem less desirable. I suggest that people resist vigorously and begin by going to https://www.thickassglass.com/products/tag-20-sextuple-6-honeycomb-water-pipe-7mm to purchase a nice bong and have at your life. By doing this, people would not only help recreational users, but those that need the drug to alleviate some serious maladies.

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