5 Exciting Cat Party Games For Women For Any Memorable Party

“We do not stop playing because we get old. We get old because we stop playing” ~ George Bernard Shaw

So yes, you have to play games wherever and whenever you receive the chance. And if it’s a cat party, then including some exciting cat party games for women turns into a must. The best goal of the cat party is to provide a momentary release out of your boring daily schedule. What exactly could be better than hanging out doing offers together with your buddies?

Below you’ve some quite simple yet exciting cat party games for girls. There’s no complexity within the games but nonetheless they’re challenging enough to become interesting.

5 Cat Party Games For Girls

  1. Best Actress

Like a girl, maybe you have had that point inside your existence whenever you was before your mirror and behaved just like a heroine. It is extremely present with most women. So now you must to bring back all individuals recollections and switch individuals right into a healthy competition. If you’re hosting the party, you can put one within the family room or whatever venue you’ve selected. Now each lady will need to act while watching mirror on the specific theme. For instance: “I’m the very best actress”. There you have it. So that all the women can come turn by turn while watching mirror and say a couple of lines inside a dramatic method to convey that she’s the very best actress. No question, the very best among will be the champion from the game along with a lovely prize!

  1. Best Dancer

This can be a quite simple game while offering plenty of scope for innovation. You are able to listen to it whatever way you want. For instance, just make all of the ladies dance to particular song turn by turn for just one minute. The very best dancer would be the champion. Or, you may make them dance with a bit of thermocol on their own mind (yes, a really lightweight factor). Make certain the top part of the thermocol is bigger compared to surface part of the mind.


Now give about a minute time for you to the women to bop without touching the thermocol with hands. Also, they’re going to have to bop in a moderate pace, not very slow. Following a minute, eliminate individuals who dropped the thermocol while dancing and begin the following round with individuals who have the piece on their own mind. The best champion would be the one that holds the thermocol on their own mind up until the last.

  1. Best Chopper

What frequently looks boring will look exciting with this particular game! Make all of the ladies peel and chop vegetables within about a minute time. Whatever function as the vegetable, the distribution ought to be equal. With this game, you’ll need knives, cutting up board (or perhaps a large table), plates and vegetables. Each lady will need to keep your chopped vegetables on their own specific plate. Following a minute, the champion would be the one that can display maximum perfection within the given task.

  1. Best Observer

This can be a very awesome method to test out your observation power. Simply ask the women to discover something within the room that’s visible although not so prominent to simply catch anyone’s attention, say, a thing written on box, or perhaps a number written anywhere or can be a specific design or button on someone’s dress. So it’s just like a treasure search game in a single minute. If they’re not able to locate it in a moment, you may be generous enough to provide them about a minute more. The champion would be the one that first observes the treasure!

  1. Memory Queen

Wish to test out your memory power? Here is a way! Place, a minimum of, 30 various things on the big table. Things could be anything just like a lipstick, a pencil, a number of showpieces, goggles and whatever small-sized factor you are able to consider (small simply because they easily slip from our memory and therefore result in the game interesting). Give just a few seconds time for you to all of the ladies to obtain a peek at the things up for grabs after which allow them to proceed to another room.

By now, you are able to remove a minimum of 15 products in the table after which arrange the positioning from the remaining materials. Now call all of the people and provide them paper and pen to quietly write lower what they are called from the materials which have been removed. Time limit ought to be about a minute. The best champion would be the lady who are able to determine maximum figures from the missing objects.


Aren’t these games exciting? Obviously, they’re! You have to include them when hosting a cat party and merely wait to determine how very easily you entertain your visitors and provide them an unforgettable time for you to cherish forever. Also, do share your exciting encounters around within the comment box given below.

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