Bringing to Life a Fantasy-Themed Stage Production

Novels, movies, and TV shows that incorporate magic and supernatural elements into their narrative are some of the most enjoyed works of fiction these days. With powerful portrayals of the characters’ heroic deeds and unforgettable depictions ofthe timeless conflict between good and evil, a lot of people really do get hooked onthe fantasy genre. It’s no wonder that titles like Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and Beauty and the Beastare very popular.

However, translating the magic of fantasy tales onto the stage is quite challenging. Whereas television and cinema can make use of special effects and books can rely on masterful storytelling in words, stage productions can be quite limiting. Their organizers must find ingenious ways to make use of stage special effects, stage design, lights, and sound to flesh out the scenes in the stories.

If you’re mounting a stage play or musical based on a fantasy story, consider incorporating the following stage elements and effectsto make your show more spectacular.

Pyrotechnics –What better way to depict flame coming from a dragon’s mouth or a spell cast by a wizard than by using actual flames and fireworks? When you have pyrotechnics that can create explosions, sparks of light, flashes of fire, and puffs of smoke, you can do a whole lot of magical scenes on stage. Pyrotechnicians make use of numerous devices to create all the effects—from flame machines and smoke cartridges to flash devices and fireworks.

Stage Backdrops–How can you create a convincing portrayal of your fantasy story’s setting if your stage doesn’t have a proper background? Whether it’s a backdrop depicting a European hamlet, a background panel showing an enchanted forest, or a Cinderella castle backdrop, you can bring each setting to life by using this very important stage element.  And if you combine backdrops with pyrotechnics, make sure you follow all safety precautions and only use backdrops with flame retardant certificates issued by a certified agent of the fire marshal.

Theater DrapesTheater drapes and curtains perform both aesthetic and practical functions on stage, and you can even use them to enliven your fantasy-themed stage production. For instance, you can use a muslin cyclorama to project different images in the background. You can also use a scrim curtain, which can be made to appear opaque and transparent by changing the angle of the lights in front of it and by darkening and illuminating the area behind it. Thus, images that are projected on to this scrim can magically melt away and disappear before the very eyes of your spectators.

Fog, Snow, and Bubbles – Do you need fog for your portrayal of a wintry London in A Christmas Carol? How about snow for a production of Frozen? Or maybe you need bubbles to depict the underwater world of The Little Mermaid? It’s all pretty simple when you have machines to these for you. Fog, snow, and bubble machines can be rented from providers of stage special effects. These machines make use of non-toxic liquid solutions to create the desired effects.

Streamers and Confetti – Perfect for musical fantasy productions like The Wiz, Alice in Wonderland, Mary Poppins, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, streamers and confetti machines will give your show the pop of color and shine it needs. You can launch shiny mylar confetti and streamers, or colorful varieties made from tissue paper.

Wind Machines – If you want your actors playing Jasmine and Aladdin to appear like they are really zooming through the sky on a magic carpet ride, then complement your scene with a wind machine. It’s also great for many other applications, like when you want to enhance the effect of machines that launch confetti or create fog, snow, or bubbles.

These special stage elements and special effects can supplement your regular stage lighting and your sound effects to make your fantasy-themed show even more memorable. To get started, search for reliable service providers in your area who can match your technical and budgetary requirements.

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