Flexible Special Event Management For Your Organization

Le Crystal can book your event, no matter the size or occasion.


The conference setup is likely the one most familiar to you.  This setup, essentially, resembles a board room, probably very similar to the board room at your office.  This setup is best for brainstorming sessions of 24 to 35 people as it allows for everyone to see everyone else.   Seating is typically around a large table, providing a place for those in attendance to not only take notes, but also to eat and drink, as the “working lunch” can be quite common when it gets down to crunch time.


Similar to the conference set up, the U-Shape can be good for a board room type set up, especially if this is the type of meeting where you will be making presentations.  Suitable for 16 to 45 people, depending upon the space of course, this setup allows for similar face-to-face contact with the option of a singular focal point.


The school setup is intended to provide a setting for corporate training events.  For seating of 40 to 150, this setup allows for students to have chairs at tables, all facing the same direction, much like a lecture hall or a traditional classroom.  Of course, you can also move tables and chairs for group work and other flexible training concepts.


Even more like a lecture hall, the theatre setup can seat between 120 and 800 people, but there are no tables for working.  The setup is essentially chairs facing one direction where you can give a live presentation or, perhaps, a filmed presentation.  


A bit like the U-shape setup, the Half-Moon does away with the staunch executive table and seats 64 to 350 participants around circular tables (or staging, if you wish).   Again, the seating is intended to provide some intimacy while maintaining a focal point in a singular direction.


Common to receptions, the banquet setup has seating for 45 to 500 guests, with groupings of 5 to 8 per circular banquet table.  This setup, of course, can be suitable for catered events as well as speaking events.


Finally, the cocktail setup has very little seating, if any. Instead, the cocktail setup utilizes an open floor plan for mingling, with a few standing bartops to set your drink down.  Suitable for 90 to 600 guests.

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